Our Story

They say that experience is the best teacher.

Both the idea and the reality of The Willows of Easley and The Commons at The Willows grew from experiences of two families. As children and grandchildren, we had shared a lifetime of guidance, advice, and love from our grandparents. Suddenly, we were faced with becoming their full-time caregivers.

Like many families, our first reaction was to try to help our parents stay in their own home, attempting to maintain their familiar lifestyle with sitters, home care workers, and family visits – an option that quickly became incredibly expensive and increasingly difficult to manage.

We spent our days and nights striving to create a healthy, safe environment…trying to keep family life normal and happy…struggling to maintain schedules and routine…for us, it all became more and more difficult, expensive, stressful, and finally, impossible. Eventually, we realized an assisted-living facility was the only answer.

From this frustrating experience came our vision for The Willows of Easley.

Our dream was to create a comfortable environment with flexible living arrangements, ideal for those who no longer want the responsibility of caring for a big house and yard; those who are no longer comfortable living at home because they need extra assistance with daily tasks; or those who simply want the added convenience, companionship, and security of living at The Willows of Easley. We pictured a pleasant, inviting alternative to the “at-home” option, with gracious surroundings, sensitive staff, and local, accessible ownership and involvement.

In 1997, our dream became a reality when The Willows of Easley began operation as an assisted living community, And in early 2004, the second phase of our dream will come to fruition with the opening of our new Independent Living community at The Commons at The Willows.

Our family and our caring staff invite you to call, email, or visit us to find out how we can help your family members feel at home. That’s what we wanted for our family.

Isn’t it what you want for yours?

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